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5 things to consider before booking a ski holiday

If you’re one of the 500,000 Brits who google ‘ski holiday’ each year this post is for you. With Covid-19 restrictions relaxed for the first time in two years 1.5 million of us are expected to jet off on a ski holiday in 2022. The [...]

5 touristy things to do in London in one day

London: it’s the cosmopolitan city people love visiting again and again.  Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, cultural history, to see a show or to relax and recharge, London ticks all the boxes and more. But what if you only have 24 hours in [...]

The best German Christmas markets to visit in 2022

Anyone who’s ever visited a Christmas market knows there’s Christmas markets, and then there’s German Christmas markets. I don’t mean a German Christmas market in your local town or city centre here in the UK. I mean a real one. In Germany. As a forces [...]

8 reasons a personalised teddy makes a great gift | #ad

More than 100. That’s how many teddy bears and soft toys you’ll find living on the kids’ beds in our house. And I’m willing to bet we’re not alone. Like many families we’ve amassed an impressive collection of soft toys over the years, from plush [...]

7 simple ways to keep kids entertained during school holidays

If you're a parent who worries about how to keep the kids entertained during school holidays you're not alone. With four little people to keep happy and work to keep on top of too the school holidays can be a real juggling act in our [...]

5 things to consider when looking for primary schools in your area

Choosing the right school for your child can seem like a daunting – and overwhelming – prospect. Not only is choosing a school a big decision, it’s one that will go on to shape the rest of their lives. With so many independent, state and [...]

Five 1980s accessories we still can’t live without!

If you’re a fan of the 1980s and are on the hunt for some 1980s accessories ideas then this post is for you. The decade that bought us Madonna, THAT royal wedding and Rainbow Brite might have been 40 years ago now, but the fact [...]

5 simple ways to get a better night’s sleep

Did you know that 35 to 44-year-olds are the ones who struggle the most to get a good night’s sleep, with less than 21% achieving the dream of eight hours sleep a night? If you’re a parent like me (41) who falls into that age [...]

Saying goodbye to leaky boobs with Modibodi

Leaky boobs. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get in the way of getting to grips with breastfeeding and enjoying your new baby it’s leaky boobs. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of itchy, soggy, bunched-up breast pads stuffed down your bra, which, if [...]

8 ways to introduce kids to cooking

They say the best way to teach kids about healthy eating is to get them in the kitchen, and cooking is an essential life skill as well as helping to educate them on food safety and nutrition. Involving kids in the food preparation process might [...]

6 ways to earn extra money after becoming a mum

We all know that adjusting to motherhood is a learning curve. Your life can completely change, meaning your priorities and routines can look very different to what they were pre-baby. But what first time mum me didn't quite appreciate is that one of the biggest [...]

Simple ways to help kids develop their passions & interests

As mums (and dads!) we all want our children to be successful in life.  As a mum of four I want mine to find happiness and fulfilment in whatever they do, whether that means becoming a high-flying city banker or a (cash-strapped!) author like me. [...]

7 ways to teach a child how to write an essay

Whether you loved writing essays at school or hated it, there’s no getting away from it: essay writing is an important skill that can help your child achieve academic success. With Bluebell due to start secondary school this year (I know!) essay writing is something [...]

5 ways to fund patenting costs for your bright idea

Had a bright idea for a new baby gadget or parenting product? Want to know how to go about getting funding to patent your bright idea? Then this collaborative post is for you! When it comes to funding a patent there’s a lot of misinformation [...]

5 wishes for my Valentine’s baby on her fifth birthday

Our Valentine's baby Marigold May turned five this week and because Confessions of a Crummy Mummy essentially started life as online diary it's become a tradition each year to mark birthdays in some special way. When I first started sharing a dedicated birthday post for [...]