Was Meghan right to speak out about miscarriage?

I ask after the Duchess of Sussex revealed in a newspaper column that she lost her second baby to miscarriage this summer. Writing in the New York Times, Meghan describes the moment she realised she was miscarrying her baby under the headline 'the losses we [...]

10 things I’d totally forgotten about weaning!

If you follow us here and on social media you'll know weaning is in full swing here at Crummy Mummy HQ. And it turns out there's rather a lot I'd totally forgotten about weaning! I might have done it three times before, but even so [...]

6 living room updates you can do in a weekend

If your living room is in need of a bit of TLC but you're short on time - and money - owing to having little people around then you've come to the right place. I don't know about you but what with the small matter [...]

Introducing solids with Piccolo’s new baby food service

There's been a milestone mummy moment at Crummy Mummy HQ this week. After six months of exclusive breastfeeding it's time to start introducing baby number four to solids - and it turns out rather a lot has changed since I first started weaning baby number [...]

5 simple ways to make your home more hygge

Hands up who's getting ready for Lockdown 2.0? Now the nights are drawing in and the temperature has dropped one thing I'm determined to do this time around is make our time at home as enjoyable and stress free as possible. If you haven't come across [...]

6 wishes for my only son on his sixth birthday

I say only son, but I should caveat that by saying I'm by no means bitter: one son is more than enough - or mine is anyway! As a mama to three girls and one boy I have to say there's rather a lot they [...]

Tickle My Party Sleepover in a Box review & discount code!

Need to think outside the box when it comes to entertaining the kids now coronavirus and lockdown has made staying in the new going out? Wondering how on earth to keep them occupied at weekends, during school holidays and in place of all the birthday [...]

5 top tips for managing your accounts as a blogger

'Someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website' - that's the Cambridge Dictionary definition of a blogger, but anyone who blogs will tell you that running a blog involves so much more than that! Content creator, photographer, chief tea maker, editor and accountant [...]

6 wishes for my lockdown baby at six months old

I can't believe I'm writing this but baby number four is now six months old! It's been six whole months since we welcomed our lockdown baby Violet Hope in April and I'll be honest: in some ways it feels like we're no closer to the [...]

Should I pay my kids to do chores?

I ask after the oldest (nine) asked if she could start earning money by doing jobs around the house. My instinctive reaction was no, she shouldn't be paid for doing jobs around the house because we all live in it so we're all responsible for [...]

Halloween front door decoration ideas for under £20 #ad

Wondering how to entertain the kids this Halloween in the absence of parties, trick or treating and all the usual fun and games that can't happen in the wake of coronavirus? With Halloween set to be a little different in 2020 and with so many [...]

5 easy ways to make your bedroom more romantic

When was the last time you thought about your bedroom - and I mean really thought about it? If your bedroom is somewhere you simply go to sleep, then this post is for you! Our bedroom is the one room in the house I like [...]

In The Book personalised book review & giveaway!

Looking for the perfect gift that will stand the test of time and that you can choose from the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank? Then you've come to the right place! We've teamed up with personalised book specialists In The Book [...]

Why I spent our child benefit on a private Covid test kit

Brace yourselves: this is likely to be a bit of a controversial one. It involves a three-year-old with a cough, a coronavirus testing system in meltdown and a mama at the end of her rope. Last week I spent £149 great British pounds - more [...]

7 simple ways to teach kids a new language

Did you know that learning a second language can help kids with problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills, as well as improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask? Research also shows that exposing kids to another language from a young age will set them [...]