10 great reasons to run an organised race

Ever thought about taking part in an organised running race? Like the sound of it, but not sure if it’s [...]

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5 healthy Halloween treats for kids #ad

Sugar, chocolate, more sugar and more chocolate. Visit a supermarket in the run up to Halloween and you’d be forgiven [...]

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Why I’ve decided to give up breastfeeding

Two years. That's how long the World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding babies for. But 20 months in I've decided it's [...]

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Depending on what time of day you're reading this I'll either be about to, be running or have run the [...]

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7 top tips for travelling while pregnant

Got a baby on board? Planning a trip or holiday somewhere nice? Then this post is for you! Whether you’re [...]

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5 things I said I’d never do as a mum

Before you became a mum (or dad) did you used to think about the sort of parent you’d be? I [...]

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Our school countdown bucket list

The countdown is on. This time next year my blue-eyed boy – the baby I once thought I’d never have [...]

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My top 5 school stain removal hacks

Marker pen, gravy and glue. If I had £1 for every time the oldest comes home from school wearing one [...]

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The trouble with a common name

One hundred and ninety-five thousand. That’s how many people there are in the UK with the same surname as me. [...]

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Why I’m running the Great South Run

They say if you can't beat them, join them. After watching from the side lines as Misery Guts competes in [...]

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Have you been having amazing sunsets where you are lately? #MySundayPhoto this week is the view from our living room, [...]

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Are our kids too clean?

Are our kids too clean? I ask because we bath our kids by default every day. We’ve had a ‘bath, [...]

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5 things all women should know about checking for lumps & bumps

I don’t mean baby bumps, I mean more sinister kind of bumps. Like boobie bumps. We all know we’re supposed [...]

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Should I give my finger-sucking baby a dummy?

Should I give my finger-sucking baby a dummy? That’s what the dentist says we should do to stop the littlest [...]

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3 things every parent should know about car seat safety

Like most parents with young children, the chances are taking your baby on car journeys is unavoidable. But did you [...]

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