Why are we so afraid to tell the truth about parenting?

Why are we so afraid to tell the truth about parenting? I ask after David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones caused a social media storm by (half-jokingly) declaring parenting is ‘rarely fun’ and ‘life destabilising’. He went on to brand parenting ‘exhausting’, ‘banal’ and ‘like looking [...]

Organic baby clothes: what are they & are they worth it?

Did you know that cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world? And that it takes four times more water to produce one kilo of cotton than it does one kilo of organic cotton? Me neither, until I went to a preview of [...]


#MySundaySnapshot this week is a little window into my life as a work at home mum. Although the littlest one goes to nursery three mornings a week the rest of the time she's at home with us, meaning all sorts of activities are required to [...]

Coping with eczema flare ups in the winter months

Got a little one who suffers from eczema? Does their skin get worse in the winter months? If so and you’re wondering what to do about it then read on! Eczema flares up because the skin can’t stay moist on its own. Add to that [...]

10 things I learnt in 2018 – & wish I hadn’t!

What did you learn in 2018? With the first full week of 2019 underway I’ve had a chance to look back on the last year and all the things I learnt – which made me realise there are also rather a lot of things I [...]

A sneak peek inside Aldi’s new baby & toddler Specialbuy event

Want to know what’s going to be included in Aldi’s new baby & toddler Specialbuy event? I’ve had a sneak peek – and if you’re on the hunt for a bargain this January you’re going to love it! If you haven’t heard of Aldi’s Specialbuy [...]


We're kicking off 2019 here at Crummy Mummy HQ with a brand new weekly series: #MySundaySnapshot, giving you a little snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes each week. This is the middle one on New Year's Day after we let him stay up [...]

8 reasons January is the best month of the year

It’s dubbed the gloomiest month of the year with the third Monday - Blue Monday - supposedly the most depressing day of the year. The festive season might be over and we might be back to work and school with a bump but I’d argue [...]

5 simple ways to stick to New Year’s Resolutions

So Christmas has been and gone and it's that time of year again. Having made my New Year's Resolutions (see 10 ways I'm going to try & be a better me in 2019) the question now is how to go about sticking to them. According [...]

10 ways I’m going to try & be a better me in 2019

It’s that time of year again. The time when you look back over the year and think about the new one coming, and things you’d like to do differently. I’m not a major fan of new year resolutions owing to the fact that if you [...]


With the new year on the horizon I'm rounding off a year of #MySundayPhotos with my favourite picture of the year: all three children looking at the camera at the same time and smiling, which is no mean feat I can tell you! This picture [...]

8 ways to feel better after a boozy Christmas

Eat, drink and be merry. When it comes to Christmas that’s the mantra I live by, which is fine - until January rolls around. Come Christmas - at the end of a busy year and with the prospect of a few days off - you’re [...]

5 ways granny daycare has helped my babies grow

Three thousand, one hundred and eighty-eight pounds. That’s how much money I worked out we save each year thanks to so-called granny daycare. Which is a lot of money. Five million Brits now take on childcare responsibilities for their grandchildren if the latest figures are [...]

10 reasons to visit LaplandUK – again & again!

'The best pre-Christmas day out ever'. That’s what Elton John says about LaplandUK, consistently dubbed one of the UK’s best family days out. And having been three years in a row he’s absolutely right. If you haven’t heard of LaplandUK before it’s a four-hour immersive [...]


#MySundayPhoto this week is this year's Christmas cake - which actually has a little story behind it. It was supposed to be the bottom tier of a wedding cake I made for a friend in the summer, but I burnt it by leaving it in [...]