Confessions of a stay-and-work-at-home-mum

There are just weeks left until the end of the school year when school and nursery break up for six [...]

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Things they fail to tell you about school holidays

After two weeks off over Easter the kids go back to school and nursery this week. I can’t wait. Having [...]

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The pros & cons of being a stay & work at home mum

We made it. After a year of working from home with Little B by my side he is now at [...]

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Who’d have thought the best bit about a holiday could be a break from pumping milk?

It turns out we couldn’t have picked a better week to have our first holiday of the year – a [...]

Getting to the job interview has required military-style planning & industrial-scale milk pumping

I’ve got an interview for my dream job. It’s writing features on a freelance basis for a national newspaper (which for now will remain nameless). If you’d asked me when I was starting out as a lowly trainee reporter in the newsroom of a local paper where I’d like to end up, this is it. And it couldn’t have come at a worse time. With Little B almost 14 weeks old he still feeds every couple of hours. I work from home and coffee shops with the help of Granny, but we have no professional childcare so I can really only commit to an office-based job at weekends, when Misery Guts is on hand to take over. But when I saw the job advertised – it’s the first time there’s been an ad for this publication in more than two years – I couldn’t not apply. And now I’ve got an interview. Today. Which fills me with dread for a number of reasons: 1) I don’t have anything to wear 2) It’s based in central London = separation anxiety (for me, not Little B). We haven’t been that far apart geographically yet. When we left hospital with Little B I nearly had a panic attack when I temporarily lost sight of him because I couldn’t keep up with Misery Guts who charged on ahead as I waddled behind. 3) It involves re-entry into adult-only office life. Just the thought of the politics makes me shudder. 4) What if I get a leaky boob during the interview? As a result I had one too many white wine spritzers on Saturday night – not in celebration at landing the interview, but in sheer terror at the prospect of it. […]