Weird things I can’t do since having a baby

Obviously there are going to be things you can’t do after having a baby that you could do before. Like [...]

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The midwife recorded the time of birth on kitchen roll

This week I’ve been sorting through Little B’s memory box and with BB now at school I’ve finally got around [...]

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Pregnancy after multiple miscarriage: we did it!

I fully expected to be penning a week 41 post today: instead I am writing this with our four day old son sleeping peacefully on Misery Guts’ chest. That’s right: BB is officially a big sister after Little B graced us with his presence in the early hours of Thursday morning. Just three days overdue compared to BB’s 14, his delivery couldn’t have been more different – or quick. Instead of being anchored to a hospital bed on my back by an epidural, heart monitors, various drips and a catheter I delivered Little B on all fours in the tranquillity of a birthing pool on the 13th floor of the Royal Sussex Hospital with the bright lights of Brighton twinkling outside. The midwife passed him to me under the water and he emerged calmly blinking up at me, less than two and a half hours after arriving at hospital apparently only 2cms dilated, and then we climbed out of the pool and snuggled down on bean bags on the floor. […]