Breast feeding a baby with tongue tie: ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

Little B was diagnosed with tongue tie by our midwife as soon as he was born, meaning a little lip of skin is anchoring his tongue to the bottom of his mouth. Apparently this is more common in boys than girls, and isn’t good in the latching on stakes. The limited movement of his tongue makes achieving a good latch a challenge, and he keeps slipping off because he simply can’t get a good purchase on the boob. As a result he inevitably ends up sucking the nipple as opposed to the breast, meaning both are now cracked, bleeding and Oh So Sore. Luckily the situation is affecting me more than him – rather than losing weight as many newborns do he’s actually gained 5% of his bodyweight since birth and now weighs 8lbs. It’s the actual feeding which is the problem, and has made me realise that breast feeding a newborn and breast feeding a toddler are two completely different things. […]