10 things all mums should do on maternity leave

It seems like only yesterday I wrote about 10 things all mums should do before giving birth. In fact it was four months ago, just before Littlest B was born on Valentine's Day. I don’t know where the time has gone but this week marks [...]


If you haven't already guessed I didn't take #MySundayPhoto this week. It was taken by the fabulous Dawn Jee at Dawn Jee Photography when we went for a photo shoot to mark becoming a family of five. I was hoping to get some nice professional [...]

I feel like a little part of us is missing

Misery Guts lost his wedding ring this week. He went for a swim in sea with BB after work and when he came out of the water it was gone. There was no point in being angry because it was too late and the ring [...]

5 ways to rock being a gym bunny mum

Wrinkled tummy, odd shaped boobs and stretch marks in places you didn’t think there could be stretch marks. I don’t know about you but since becoming a mum things are not the same as they were before. Pregnancy does weird things to your body so it’s [...]

Why does nobody talk about the ‘P’ word?

I'm talking about poo. Not bright yellow breastfeedy poo that smells like vinegar and brings tears to the eyes, not weirdy poo with streaks of fluff they've sucked off a teddy bear and has you running to Google and not the first one they do [...]


Happy Father's Day! I've got a little confession to make: instead of giving Misery Guts the day off on Father's Day this year I've instead left him in charge of two out of three of the children in order to go on a hen weekend! [...]

5 ways to avoid car seat hip (& other mum injuries)

They say old age doesn’t come alone, and it turns out neither does motherhood. Car seat hip, breastfeeding shoulder and nappy changing back - since having baby number three I positively creak. I’ve tried all sorts of things to ease mum-related aches and pains over [...]

Kaya mum jewellery review & giveaway!

Want to win a piece of stirling silver jewellery engraved with your baby or child’s name or initials? Then read on! Baby, child and mum jewellery brand Kaya Jewellery is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a £40 voucher to spend on absolutely [...]

5 personalised Father’s Day gifts for under £30

I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for anything personalised. Wall stickers, jewellery, prints and door plaques - if something can be personalised in some way I just love it! Ever since becoming a mum I've found personalised items make great gifts too, [...]


'This Mama's milkin' it'. Those are the words on my new mug - a gift from breastfeeding experts Medela to mums who are banging the breastfeeding drum. I absolutely love it! As a #MedelaMum they asked me to take a selfie with the mug and share it [...]

How to plan an unforgettable road trip

Car journeys. Whether they’re 10 minutes long or 10 hours long, the fact is when you’ve got kids they need planning. Especially if you’re travelling with a baby. Like plane journeys, you’re only ever one forgotten snack away from trip triumph or trip disaster. So if you’re [...]

When is the best time to start a bedtime routine?

Bath, book, bed. Those three little words are supposedly the ticket to a hassle-free bedtime, but the question is when is the best time to start a bedtime routine? Two weeks? Two months? Two years? Or is it just a case of doing what feels [...]

10 reasons to take kids glamping

Glamping. The chances are, however glam and no matter how much Cath Kidston has been thrown at it, swapping four walls for some sort of temporary structure in the woods with kids in tow is either your idea of holiday heaven or holiday hell. Either way [...]


As half term holidays go this week has to have been the best one yet! I make no secret of the fact that being a stay-and-work-at-home-mum I'm not a fan of school holidays, but being on maternity leave and in the middle of a heatwave [...]

Creating a wildlife garden with Homebase #GardenGoals: the big reveal!

Drum roll please…it’s time for the big reveal of our Homebase #GardenGoals wildlife friendly garden! At the beginning of May we were charged with the task of transforming an unloved patch of garden on our allotment into a haven for wildlife as part of Homebase’s #GardenGoals [...]