Savvy ways to plan a christening on a budget

One thousand pounds. That’s how much more than a quarter of new parents admitted spending on their baby’s christening in a recent survey. And more than a third went over their budget in every aspect of the day – spending an extra £500. Even more [...]

Win a £20 Toby Carvery gift card!

When was the last time you went out for a meal as a family? If you can’t remember then I’ve got just the thing: the chance to win one of two Toby Carvery gift cards worth £20! We were Toby Carvery virgins until we were [...]

10 reasons to visit Liverpool One shopping centre

Is it better to live in the north of England, or the south? We live in the south of England in one of the sunniest places in the UK, but when it comes to shopping if you ask me it’s better to live in the [...]

‘I’ve got a dirty secret & he’s called Stuart’

I've got a confession. And I feel like it's a dirty secret. It involves dirty laundry (LOTS of it), twenty quid and a man called Stuart. When I say LOTS of dirty laundry, I do mean LOTS. When we announced we were expecting baby number [...]


Isn't this face one of pure bliss if ever you saw one? I captured this picture of BB tucking into an ice cream sundae when we were asked to review Toby Carvery Downlands in Worthing (once again we were THAT family!), and it was only [...]

Clever ways to make your home warm & cosy in winter

They say what good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter, but I’m not sure I agree. I could happily live without the cold of winter, which for some reason always seems to go on so much longer than summer does. I’m [...]

10 top tips for moving your baby into their own room

Moving your baby into their own room. Considering how many parenting books there are out there, this seems to be one of the topics on which the experts are strangely unwilling to commit. I’m no expert, but I do have three kids and I do [...]

10 things all parents should do in the first year

Our youngest turned 11 months old this week, and it still feels like she was born yesterday. She’s going to be walking in a matter of weeks and all traces of babyhood are vanishing fast - which got me thinking just how quickly the first [...]


They say blink and they're one, and the saying couldn't be truer when it comes to this one who is 11 months old today! I honestly don't know where her first year has gone - I reckon the more children you have (she's number three) [...]

5 simple ways to stick to an exercise routine

Do you find yourself backing out of gym plans at the last minute? Or sinking down on the sofa with a glass of wine when you’d vowed to go to the gym? Then you’ve come to the right place! A poll by Virgin Active has [...]

Why can’t we just let kids be kids?

Why can’t we just let kids be kids? That was my first thought when BB came home from school with a ‘very important’ letter last week. It was about SATs, except apparently they don’t call them that anymore: they’re called ‘End of Key Stage Tests [...]

Clever ways to heat your home without breaking the bank

If there’s one thing worse than long nights and short days in winter then it’s eye-watering energy bills. Especially after Christmas when the temperature tends to plummet along with your bank balance. If you could do with shaving a bit of money off your household [...]


#MySundayPhoto this week is a bit of a visual metaphor: a rather gloomy looking shot of Brighton's abandoned West Pier taken from the British Airways i360, the tallest moving viewing tower in Europe. It's been a bit of a rubbish start to the year in [...]

Win 4 tickets to see Peppa Pig live!

Know some little ones who would love to see Peppa Pig and her family live on stage? Then read on! We’ve got four tickets to Peppa Pig’s Adventure show at the Theatre Royal Brighton to give away to one lucky reader – and it could [...]

10 ways to lose weight without going to the gym

Want to shed a few pounds but don’t have the time – or the inclination – to go to the gym? Then you're not the only one! I was a proper gym bunny before having kids and would go to the gym after work three [...]