How I ‘cured’ my baby’s eczema

It’s been exactly one month since Littlest B was diagnosed with eczema. One month since she was scratching her skin until it bled and one month since she was waking up in the night crying because the itching was too much to bear. One month [...]

The ultimate Easter holiday survival guide

One. That’s how many days into the school Easter holidays we were before I felt like I was going batsh*t mental. It’s the weather’s fault – it’s been raining here for what seems like weeks and we’ve slowly but surely started climbing the walls. The [...]


Happy Easter! It's fair to say the Easter weekend has been a bit of a wash out on the weather front where we are, so I thought I'd try and cheer things up a bit with #MySundayPhoto this week. These crocus were bobbing up and [...]

10 reasons to visit Windsor!

Looking for a family-friendly day out that doesn’t break the bank with activities to suit all tastes - and ages? Then I have just the place! Windsor in Berkshire is most famous for being home to Windsor Castle and centuries of royal history, but there’s [...]

5 baby mattress rules you shouldn’t ignore

Three. That’s how many cot mattresses we’re now the owners of – one for each baby. But do you really need to buy a new cot mattress for each new baby? We’ve recently moved Littlest B from our bedroom into a bedroom with her brother [...]

What I’m putting in the kids’ Easter baskets

Is it me or is Easter turning into Christmas from a consumer point of view? The build-up; the displays adorning shop windows; the Easter baskets akin to Christmas stockings. And the thing is, I can’t help but jump on the bandwagon. The kids each have [...]


About five. That's how many pictures exist of the five of us together, including #MySundayPhoto this week. It was taken by me (in case you were in any doubt!) on an open top bus tour of Windsor, where we were invited by hop-on hop-off bus [...]

Win £30 worth of Messy Me oilcloth weaning accessories!

Fancy winning £30 worth of oilcloth weaning accessories in a range of fab designs? Then read on! With baby led weaning in full swing for the third time in our house (a very messy business) we’ve teamed up with weaning accessories brand Messy Me to [...]


We survived! After leaving the baby overnight for the first time (easier said than done when you're still breastfeeding at one) I'm pleased to report all went according to plan. #MySundayPhoto this week is where we escaped to over Mothering Sunday weekend - Foxhills Hotel [...]

10 things parents start but never get to finish

When was the last time you got to drink a cup of tea hot? Or have a bath without someone coming in to use the loo? If you can’t remember then you’re in good company. I often say if only I had £1 for every [...]

4 apps to help your baby sleep through the night

Sleep. If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know I talk about sleep – my lack of it and (trying) to get the kids to do it – a lot. That’s the trouble with something you want but can’t have – it makes [...]

10 top tips for leaving your baby overnight for the first time

Picture this: you, your other half, alone, in a hotel, child-free and without the prospect of a nappy to change or a highchair to wipe for at least the next 24 hours. Sounds marvellous doesn’t it. Yet leaving your baby overnight for the first time [...]


Outnumbered. If there's one word that sums up our life at the moment that's it, which is why - in honour of Mothering Sunday - this had to be #MySundayPhoto this week! I'm a sucker for a slogan top and this one from Dadmin Store [...]