How to train your baby like a dog: what’s the big deal?

Have you seen Channel 4’s latest parenting show? If you haven’t seen it the chances are you’ve heard about it, or more specifically the controversy surrounding it. How to train your baby like a dog sees dog trainer and animal behaviour expert Jo-Rosie Haffenden transfer [...]


#MySundaySnapshot comes from Longleat Wildlife and Safari Park in Wiltshire, where we spent the oldest's eighth birthday this week (8 wishes for my daughter on her 8th birthday is new on the blog this week in case you missed it). The kids had been looking [...]

Self care tips to avoid school holiday overwhelm

Seventeen days. That’s how long it takes the average British parent to reach summer holiday breaking point according to new research by Drayton Manor Park. Apparently we deal with an average of 13 sibling fights, two dropped ice creams, six public tantrums, 15 early morning [...]

8 wishes for my daughter on her 8th birthday

Well I’m not sure how that happened. It seems like only yesterday I was penning 7 wishes for my daughter on her 7th birthday, and here we are with eight staring us in the face. With my August baby turning eight I couldn’t help but [...]

39 thoughts on turning 39

They say age is just a number. Or two numbers if you’re a grown-up and we’re going to be picky about it. I remember being so pleased to finally reach double digits when I was 10, but now that I've turned 39, not so much. [...]


#MySundaySnapshot this week comes from Kingston Lacy, a National Trust property in Dorset where a maize maze has been planted to keep the kids entertained this summer. As well as maize the maze is peppered with sunflowers of all shapes and sizes, towering over not [...]

5 weaning tips for happy & healthy baby teeth & WIN one of three Doidy weaning sets!

Did you know it’s recommended to introduce your baby to drinking from an open cup from around six months onwards? And that tooth decay in children’s front milk teeth is often associated with certain drinking habits? As a mum of three I know there’s so [...]

10 reasons to see Tabby McTat’s live theatre show

'Very entertaining, joyful and funny'. Those are the words of my seven-year-old after going to see Tabby McTat's live theatre show. And I have to say I completely agree. If you haven't come across Tabby McTat before, it's a charming and heart-warming tale of friendship [...]

5 helpful ways to get your child reception ready

Got a little one starting school? Wondering what you can do as a parent to make the transition from home or nursery to school as smooth as possible? Then you've come to the right place! We're counting down the days until the middle one starts [...]


#MySundaySnapshot comes from our allotment for the second week running, where there have been mysterious goings on in the sunflower bed. This sunflower seemed normal enough, until it got bigger and we realised it appears to have eaten a twin! The kids are fascinated about [...]

10 things I learnt breastfeeding three babies

I don’t mean three babies at once (although hats off to anyone who does that!) I mean three consecutive children. It’s been almost six months since I stopped breastfeeding for what will probably be the last time, and to mark World Breastfeeding Week I thought [...]

5 simple steps to avoid illness on holiday

Did you know that 3,000 Brits a week require medical treatment due to illnesses caught abroad? And that bugs caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites including salmonella, E. Coli, cyclospora (that’s an infection of the bowel) and campylobacter (which causes the runs) are all regularly [...]

5 top tips for buying school shoes

Less than five months. That's how long the average pair of the most expensive branded school shoes last if the latest research is to be believed, with some lasting as little as just three months. According to new research by super durable school shoe brand [...]


#MySundaySnapshot this week comes from our allotment, where we've been making the most of the heat wave - and it doesn't get much better than a spray paddling pool when you're four! This one's from TJ Hughes and is so simple but so clever - [...]

5 simple ways to make holiday travel less stressful

'A feeling of mental strain and pressure related to travelling'. That’s the definition of travel stress, and the chances are if you’re travelling with kids in tow, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing quite like a 3am wake-up call, getting small people [...]