Why I’m proud to be a coffee shop camper

Coffee shop campers. You know the ones. Those pesky people who pitch up at coffee shops, order a drink, open their laptops and plug in their phones thus creating a pop up office. People like me. As a freelance journalist and blogger one of the [...]

10 reasons we had it better than our kids

They say kids today don't know how lucky they are, but I beg to differ. It occurred to me, as I opened a packet of pink wafer biscuits and was immediately struck by their decidedly underwhelming colour (they looked like they’d been drowned) that so [...]

5 easy ways to unlock your car without your keys

Ever shut your car only to discover your keys are inside? Has the door – or boot - ever slammed shut with something you really need inside? Like the kids? You might think it’s something that won’t happen to you, but think again. Although vehicle [...]


We have a first tooth! She might be smiling here but not much smiling went on as the blasted thing cut through this week - who would have thought one little tooth could cause so much trouble? (For that reason teething doesn't make my list [...]

Surviving the school holidays without going batsh*t mental

Going up the wall because you didn’t book them into kids' club for the school holidays? Wondering how on earth you’re going make it to end of the school holidays with your sanity intact? Then read on! With the exception of a wet week in [...]

5 top tips for looking after your post baby body

It’s been six months since I became a mum of three and to be quite honest with you I feel like I’m falling apart. My lower back aches all day every day (pulling a double buggy up the front steps to our flat probably has [...]

10 great rainy day activities for kids

Two fine days and a thunderstorm. That’s how the British summer has been described in the past, and if this year is anything to go by I'd say it's true. I don’t know about you but we seem to have had more rain than sun [...]


For #MySundayPhoto this week I'm bringing you a little something I prepared earlier: BB's sixth birthday cake! In the same week Littlest B turned six months old BB turned six years old and requested none other than a Trolls extravaganza. Owing to the small matter [...]

Our summer of firsts with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®! #ad

I know everyone says it, but I really don’t know where time goes. One minute Littlest B was born, and the next minute she’s six months old. One minute I was announcing we were ambassadors for HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® and the next I’m bring you [...]

Fun ways to keep kids fit & healthy

So we’ve officially passed the half way mark of the school holidays (thank the lord) and I don’t know about you but we’ve seen waaaay more rain than sunshine in our neck of the woods. Coupled with the fact I’ve been working from home throughout [...]

How I make working from home with kids work

As a stay-and-work-at-home mum people often ask me how I do it. As a freelance journalist I work full-time hours around a six-year-old at school, a two-year-old at nursery part-time and a baby at home with me full-time. The truth is sometimes I honestly don’t [...]

Making memories with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® #ad

Do you remember the first time you took your baby swimming? I took both BB and Little B swimming for the first time when they were fairly little - BB was around 12 weeks old and Little B was 11 weeks when I was asked [...]


A midsummer night's dream. That's what I'm calling #MySundayPhoto this week, taken at my brother and sister-in-law's marquee wedding reception this weekend. Doesn't it look idyllic? In the grounds of Houghton Lodge, a grade II listed fishing lodge on the River Test in Hampshire, the [...]

10 easy ways to declutter your home

Regular readers will know we live in a flat. But what you might not know is that it’s a two bedroom flat. And there’s now five of us. It’s fair to say things are getting a little bijou on the space front – the toy [...]

10 reasons to go on a Hoburne Holiday

If there’s one thing that changes when you become a parent it’s holidays. Forget sitting back on a sunbed and sipping a nice cold drink – the fact is you’re going to be on duty from the minute you wake up to the minute you [...]