WIN one of 3 gardening kits worth £40 with Sudocrem! #ad

Fancy winning one of three gardening kits worth £40 to help see you and your little ones through the rest of lockdown? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve teamed up with skincare experts Sudocrem to give away three sets of indoor or outdoor [...]

Our new look featuring baby number four!

Eagle eyed visitors to Confessions of a Crummy Mummy may have noticed there have been one or two changes to the website this week. I'm talking about the addition of 10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes and a new face in our blog header - [...]

10 things I’m going to do differently after lockdown

Anyone else finding lockdown the perfect opportunity to take a step back and think about things you'd like to do differently? I don't know about you but for me a lockdown silver lining has to be the slower pace of life and not having to [...]

5 simple ways to take better care of your body #ad

More than 2.4 billion. That’s how many Google search results there are on ways to take better care of yourself. The truth is we could probably all do with looking after ourselves a bit more, but what with work, family life and all the other [...]

How I’ve bagged a supermarket home delivery slot every week since lockdown

They're as rare as hen's teeth and getting one feels like winning the jackpot: I'm talking about supermarket home delivery slots of course! Who would have thought bagging one would ever prove so difficult? I've always done our 'big shop' online and have happily booked [...]

10 things they don’t tell you about giving birth in a pandemic

Giving birth in a pandemic isn't something I ever imagined doing, but like expectant mamas up and down the country it's something I had no choice but to do. On April 20th, 2020 I gave birth to baby number four at what (at the time [...]

Introducing baby number four!

It's been a busy week at Crummy Mummy HQ. Our family of five has at last become six and...it's a girl! Violet Hope joined us on Monday April 20, nine days late and weighing nine pounds exactly. Violet because it's one of the first flowers [...]

5 easy ways to save money on your wedding day #ad

More than £30,000. That's the average cost of a UK wedding if the latest figures are to be believed - and I don't know about you but that sounds like an awful lot of money. It's 10 years this year since Misery Guts & I [...]

What NOT to say to an overdue pregnant mama!

They say babies come when they're ready, which is all very well but not very helpful when your due date has come and gone and there's still no sign of your new arrival making an appearance. At the time of writing I'm 40 weeks + [...]

The reality of lockdown in a flat with no garden

Sooo, dare I ask how lockdown is going in your house? It's a loaded question I know! If my social media feeds are anything to go by I think it's fair to say we're all finding it tough, whether you live in a 10 bedroom [...]

10 things lockdown has taught me about my family

Hands up who fancies being on lockdown in a two bedroom flat with three kids and no garden? Me neither - but that's the situation we've found ourselves in at Crummy Mummy HQ. And funnily enough it's taught me a thing or two about my [...]

7 things NOT to say to a pregnant woman in a pandemic!

I'm afraid this is going to be a bit of a ranty one. It involves a certain virus, a heavily pregnant (and hormonal) mama and some 'words of wisdom' I've been treated to over the last few weeks. While it's fair to say I've received [...]

Fun chocolate egg alternatives for Easter on lockdown

On the hunt for Easter egg alternatives you can still get your hands on without leaving the house owing to the coronavirus lockdown? Then you've come to the right place! Easter 2020 will probably go down in history as the year the UK was in [...]

What’s in my hospital bag?

Thousands. That's how many times 'hospital bag' is tapped into Google in an average month. And I don't know about you but I'm a bit of a nosy parker when it comes to 'what's in my bag' posts. With just under two weeks to go [...]

Will I be forced to give birth alone?

You might think it's a ridiculous question and one with an obvious answer: of course not. But with the UK in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic labouring and giving birth alone is suddenly a very real possibility facing expectant mamas like me. At the [...]