10 reasons to take up swimming in 2018

Are you planning to turn over a new leaf in 2018? Would you like to get a bit fitter? Then read on! If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know we’re big fans of swimming in our house – from Puddle Ducks baby [...]

What does your Christmas tree say about you?

Did you know there's actual research into what your Christmas tree says about you? Whether it’s real, whether it’s fake, whether you go for tinsel, or whether you don’t, whether you have coloured flashing lights or whether you go for warm white ones instead. It [...]

10 clever ways to keep kids in bed on Christmas morning

How do you keep kids in bed as long as possible on Christmas morning? I don’t mean for the whole morning (although if you need to sleep off excesses of the night before I’m not judging). I mean longer than the dreaded 5am wake-up call. [...]


#MySundayPhoto perfectly sums up life in our house at the moment. This Christmas business is all getting a bit much for our threenager - this is how I found the boy who never sleeps when I went to check on him the night after our [...]

The REAL reason we don’t want to be stay-at-home mums

One in 11. That’s how many UK mothers are now stay-at-home mums according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics - the lowest since records began. Apparently just 9% of mums now don’t work outside the home, compared to 50 years ago [...]

5 reasons Christmas is better than it was when we were kids

I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve come across suggesting Christmas was better when we were kids. I grew up in the 1980s, and while there’s a lot to be said for the anticipation of a two-week bumper Christmas TV guide and Christmas [...]

Why LaplandUK is worth every single penny

Is LaplandUK worth the money? It's the question that comes up time and time again - and with good reason. I'm talking about the day out dubbed one of the UK's best Christmas experiences, the day out with an eye-watering price tag. Tickets start from [...]


#MySundayPhoto this week was a no-brainer. We've been to LaplandUK for the second year running and just like last year I came away with so many brilliant photos of the kids I want to share them all! Here's Little B in Mother Christmas's kitchen with [...]

The ultimate Peppa Pig Christmas gift guide!

Got a small person in your life who loves Peppa Pig? Then read on! Peppa and her family have been a constant in our lives for the last five years now (it’s fair to say it’s been a love hate relationship at times – Daddy [...]

Win a LaplandUK Conker The Silly Elf set worth £25!

Forget Elf on the Shelf. There’s a new elf in town – and he’s bigger, sillier and comes with his very own magical wooden elf doorway! I’m talking about LaplandUK’s answer to Elf on the Shelf, featuring LaplandUK’s silly elf Conker who comes in an [...]

Creating a home office when you don’t have an office

Do you dream of having space to work at home but just don’t have the one vital element: space? Somewhere you can switch off from the rest of the world and focus on the job in hand? Then join the club. As a stay-and-work-at-home-mum and [...]


#MySundayPhoto this week is a sneak peek at a little project I've been working on: creating a home office space when we don't actually have an office. As a stay-and-work-at-home mum you'll usually find me bashing away on my laptop surrounded by soggy cornflakes, three [...]

5 reasons to buy Pirate Pete’s potty training book

It’s the one everyone raves about and the one that went to number one in the Amazon children’s chart after Chris Evans mentioned it on his radio breakfast show. I’m talking about Pirate Pete’s potty training book by Andrea Pinnington (£6.99), the story thousands of [...]

How much should you spend on kids at Christmas?

How much should you spend on kids at Christmas? And how much is too much? In our house the kids get stockings from 'Father Christmas' and one ‘main’ present from us – as well as what they receive from family and friends - and I’ve [...]

Why I’m not cut out to be Mary’s mum

It’s the starring role in the school nativity play, the one all the girls – and apparently a lot of their parents – want, but only the select few ever get to play. I’m talking about Mary, mother of Jesus and husband of Joseph and [...]