10 top tips for finding the perfect cleaner

If there’s one thing I’ve dreamed of since becoming a mum it’s having a cleaner. We’ve never been able to afford one so instead I’ve been comforted with memes such as ‘my idea of a superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors’ while being [...]

Why I tell my kids I’m sorry

Do you ever totally lose it? I mean really lose it? I don’t lose it very often – very rarely in fact – but when I do I really do. Why I tell my kids I’m sorry Nine times out of ten it will be [...]

Are you a naked house?

Are you a naked house? It occurred to me, as I pushed the vacuum cleaner around the living room the other day wearing nothing but my birthday suit, that we are most definitely a naked house. We sleep with no clothes on, we go from [...]


Littlest B turned five months old this week. That means there's just one month left until the highchair comes out and weaning commences. She's been exclusively breastfed up to now and my goodness is she hungry! Here we are in a typical pose with my [...]

10 reasons baby number three is the best

They say three is the magic number, and I reckon it is. I’ve been a mum of three for five months today, and I realised pretty early on I was enjoying it even more than I did the first and second time around. I don’t [...]

5 weird ways pregnancy changes your hair

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes your body. Often in weird ways. And it’s no secret that pregnancy can change your face too. But what did come as a surprise to me is the weird ways pregnancy changes your hair. Or my hair anyway. As [...]

My top 5 newborn essentials

Stuff, stuff and more stuff. If there’s one thing they don’t warn you about parenthood it’s the amount of Stuff you suddenly acquire – some needed and a lot not. After three babies I’ve got quite good at streamlining Stuff (see such posts as the [...]


With the littlest having been the subject of #MySundayPhoto for the last few weeks I thought it was about time I featured the oldest. Here's BB in a photo I took at our allotment this week - a photo that I think perfectly captures how [...]

10 best gifts for c-section mums

What's the best thing to give a mum who's had a c-section? I've got several friends who've had caesareans recently but I know absolutely nothing about them, other than that it's major abdominal surgery, you can't drive for six weeks afterwards and you’re not supposed to [...]

10 things they don’t tell you about sports day

It’s that time of year again: sports day. It’s the second year I’ve had the pleasure and what with the arrival of baby number three it’s by no means the last. A bit like things they don’t tell you about reception year, things they fail to [...]

Why I won’t be buying Baby Dove

I’m referring, of course, to THAT Baby Dove advert. In case you’ve been on another planet the boffs behind Unilever’s Baby Dove have taken it upon themselves to make breastfeeding the focus of the brand’s latest marketing campaign, alienating and outraging parents like me up [...]


#MySundayPhoto this week isn't a fancy one like last week's. And it isn't a perfectly shot one like my last post either. It's simply one of Littlest B and I lolling on the bed, because there won't be much time for bed lolling from here [...]

‘Not taking any photos is one of my biggest regrets’

Five days. That’s how long it was after Littlest B was born before we had a picture taken together. There’s no tired but happy photo in the hospital after she was born, there's no picture of the two of us the day we brought her home, [...]

Kaya Jewellery competition winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered our competition to win a £40 voucher to spend on silver jewellery at baby, child and mum jewellery brand Kaya Jewellery. We have a winner! There were more than 700 entries which is brilliant, and I loved reading what everyone would spend [...]

5 reasons to make a will

They say nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. I’d argue that there are other things too - like the fact you’ll always find a bottle of white wine in my fridge, you’ll never, ever be quite rid of the Velcro fluff that [...]