Leaving hospital after having a baby: how soon is too soon?

When is the best time to leave hospital after having a baby? One hour post birth? One day? One week? The Duchess of Cambridge has come under fire for leaving hospital just seven hours after giving birth to baby number three, begging the question: when [...]

An open letter to the Duchess of Cambridge

So the Duchess of Cambridge has joined the mum-of-three club. In case you’ve been on other planet (and quite frankly you’d have had to be) the arrival of a baby boy makes her a mum of three, like me. To be fair that's where the [...]

10 reasons to go on a sailing holiday with kids

Looking for a family-friendly holiday that appeals to all ages and allows you to truly get away from it all? Then read on! Let’s face it, the minute you become a parent relaxing beach holidays can become a thing of the past – at least [...]


At last! After what seemed liked an endless winter and all that rain it suddenly feels like July in our neck of the woods. Officially one of the sunniest places to live in the UK, I captured #MySundayPhoto of Brighton's iconic West Pier (or the [...]

What to tell the kids if you get caught doing you-know-what

Ever been caught doing you-know-what by the kids? Me neither, but plenty of parents have according to a poll by Channel Mum, who asked 2,000 mums and dads what they said when caught in a compromising position by their kids. The thing is, what do [...]

8 ways to take the pain out of childhood vaccinations

Childhood vaccinations. The list can seem endless, and no sooner have you got over one set of jabs it’s time for another. As a third time mum lots of things are easier than they were the first time around but childhood vaccinations isn’t one of [...]

5 great reasons to breastfeed beyond one

Fourteen months. That’s how long I’ve been breastfeeding baby number three for. And for at least the last four of them I feel like I’ve been defending my decision to do so. The very people who praised and supported me for exclusively breastfeeding my newborn [...]


For #MySundayPhoto this week I'm sharing a little project I've been working on - growing sweet peas from seed on our kitchen window sill. After religiously watering them in their little trough the first shoots came through earlier this week and as you can see [...]

5 products that have made me fall back in love with The Body Shop

When was the last time you visited The Body Shop? Last week? Last month? Twenty years ago? I used to love The Body Shop when I was growing up. Remember the little shiny bath balls that came gleaming like gems in oyster shells? And the [...]

How to potty train a child who doesn’t want to be potty trained

‘Start at two finish at three, start at three and finish at three’. That’s what they say when it comes to the best age to start potty training, but what happens if your child is rapidly approaching four and still no joy? Little B will [...]

How to survive a hangover with kids

Hangover with kids. If there are three words that shouldn’t go in the same sentence those are it. So what can you do if you’ve overdone it in the liquid refreshment stakes but are still on duty as normal in the parenting stakes the next [...]


Summer is on the way and just like last week #MySundayPhoto this week is proof! This is the carousel on Brighton beach, which has its horses removed in autumn before being carefully wrapped in canvas for the winter. This week the cover was unfurled and [...]

To the man who told me I should be ashamed of myself

‘You should be ashamed of yourself’. That’s what a man told me when I was waiting at a bus stop with the kids on the school run recently. Little B was asleep in the double buggy, Littlest B was gurgling happily in her seat underneath [...]

How I ‘cured’ my baby’s eczema

It’s been exactly one month since Littlest B was diagnosed with eczema. One month since she was scratching her skin until it bled and one month since she was waking up in the night crying because the itching was too much to bear. One month [...]

The ultimate Easter holiday survival guide

One. That’s how many days into the school Easter holidays we were before I felt like I was going batsh*t mental. It’s the weather’s fault – it’s been raining here for what seems like weeks and we’ve slowly but surely started climbing the walls. The [...]