Should children be included in the rule of six?

I ask after new government coronavirus restrictions in England ban groups of more than six people from two households meeting indoors or outdoors - including kids. Yet in Scotland and Wales under 12s are exempt from the restrictions, which begs the question: should children be [...]

Celebrating back to school with Kellogg’s

Hands up who's celebrating the kids going back to school at long last? As a work at home mum back to school after the summer holidays has always been a cause for celebration in our house, but after six long months in lockdown I don't [...]

10 things to consider before having a fourth baby

It's been almost five months since we welcomed baby number four Violet Hope and I thought now would be a good time for a little update. One of the things I get asked the most since becoming a family of six is how we're getting [...]

5 ways I’m dealing with my colicky baby

Almost 30 per cent of babies get it and as a mum of four I feel like I've been there, done it & got the t-shirt on the colic front. Violet was just a matter of weeks old when we found ourselves in the throes [...]

10 things that suddenly happen when you push a pram!

I've got a confession: for the last few weeks I've been shoehorning the baby (four months) into her pram - even though she outgrew it at three months. Although she's ready to sit up and see the world the truth is I'm not ready to [...]

WIN one of 3 cuddly pandas with Ickle Pickles & Sudocrem!

Did you know that every year in the UK 95,000 babies - that's one in 8 - are born prematurely? And that neonatal intensive care costs the NHS £1,500 per day and many hospitals simply don't have the equipment needed to care for extremely preterm [...]

Looking after my microbiome with VSL#3 #ad

It sounds like the sort of thing Gwyneth Paltrow might have dreamt up but we all have it and it's integral to our overall health: I'm talking about microbiome, or gut flora to be exact! And if you want to know how to give yours [...]

Keeping our nursery clean & safe with Munchkin’s 59S UV steriliser #ad

Ever worry about unmentionables lurking on soft toys and the surfaces of toys that you can't simply bung in the washing machine? As a mum of four it's fair to say we've amassed rather a lot of toys over the years and the question is: [...]

10 things I’ve learnt breastfeeding four babies!

I don't mean all at the same time - that would be quite a feat! - I mean four babies separately, over the course of the last 10 years. I first started breastfeeding in August 2011, and between then and now (August 2020) I've spent [...]

7 things to consider before getting a puppy

They say a dog is for life and not just for Christmas, and if I had £1 for every time one of the kids has asked when we can get a puppy I'd be considerably richer than I am now. Living in a fourth floor [...]

What is mother’s instinct?

What is mother's instinct? I ask after an altercation between the boy (5) and Misery Guts's bike, resulting in a blue light dash to hospital, a two night stay on the children's ward and a gold zimmer frame (yes you did read that correctly!) First [...]

MAM 6-in-1 electric steriliser & bottle warmer review #ad

Looking for a new electric steriliser to help make your life easier without breaking the bank? Then you've come to the right place! We've teamed up with Emma's Diary to put the award-winning MAM 6-in-1 electric steriliser and bottle warmer through its paces - and [...]

5 sweet ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Ten years. That's how long Misery Guts and I have been married for this week - and it's probably our most significant wedding anniversary yet. We tied the knot on July 17, 2010 on the first Saturday after the World Cup finished (because there was [...]

10 great reasons to visit the British Airways i360 viewing tower in Brighton

Fancy sailing up into the sky to enjoy panoramic views of the south coast with a glass of fizz in hand? If your holiday has been cancelled and you're planning a staycation instead then read on for a day out with a difference! The British [...]