My breastfeeding hopes…and fears

It’s official: the third trimester has arrived! With 10 weeks to go until baby number three is due to make their appearance the countdown is on and I’m starting to think about the practical side of things, like breastfeeding. Regular readers will know I breastfed both [...]

10 reasons it’s ok to use TV as a babysitter

Apparently a quarter of all parents of young children in the UK use TV as a babysitter. Anyone who comes to our house during the daytime will know the TV is pretty much guaranteed to be on, perma-tuned to the likes of CBeebies and Tiny Pop. [...]

Annoying things you only notice when you become a parent

It occurred to me, as I tried to ram the Mountain Buggy through the door of Costa Coffee for the umpteenth time, that there are certain annoying things you only notice when you become a parent. Things you just don't see when you're not in [...]


We received our very first visit from the tooth fairy this week - even though there was no actual tooth to leave under her pillow because BB ate it. Here's the evidence: one gappy five-year-old. I was quite surprised she lost a tooth so soon [...]

‘Mummy I think I just ate my tooth’

There’s been a milestone moment in our house this week: BB lost her first tooth. When I say lost, I mean she actually lost it. We don’t know where it is. It was there when she went to bed, and I’m pretty sure it was [...]

The only maternity items you’ll ever need

Bra clip extensions, weird shaped pillows and morning sickness sweets. A bit like baby items you really don’t need, they don’t half try and sell you a load of rubbish when you’re expecting. With baby number three on the way I’ve learnt through trial and [...]

‘I still don’t love my daughter’

Those are the incredibly brave words of Katie Pike, a 29-year-old mum-of-one on the reality of post natal depression (PND). With the exception of my pregnancy after multiple miscarriage story I don’t often touch on really serious subjects on the blog because I prefer to [...]


First, a confession: #MySundayPhoto wasn't actually taken by me this week. It was taken by Bournemouth-based family photographer Mei Parsons on our recent trip to Corfe Castle in Dorset, a week before Little B turned two. I like having an 'official' picture to mark birthdays [...]

Why I gave up my dream job to breastfeed

‘Give mums paid breaks to breastfeed at work’. That’s the recommendation of a new report which blames the UK’s ‘unhelpful culture’ on the fact we have the worst breastfeeding rate in the world. The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative reckons mums who choose to breastfeed should [...]

5 reasons I can’t live without the Teletubbies

It’s a sentence I never thought I’d write – like so many things they don't tell you about being a parent – but it turns out I can’t live without the Teletubbies. It sounds bonkers, but right now I honestly couldn’t get through the working week [...]

Weird things I worry about now I’m a mum

According to Misery Guts the world has gone ‘bat sh*t mental’. He’s referring, of course, to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America in the same year the UK voted to leave the EU. Oh, and the fact it [...]


This week I was treated to a rare night out - with Robbie Williams! I'm a big Take That and Robbie fan and got the chance to see him collect his Brits Icon award at a special one-off event in London. The award is only [...]

The best gifts for expectant mums

With the third trimester of my third pregnancy rapidly approaching I’ve been treated to a surprise – and very welcome – delivery. A beautiful box tied up with a bow courtesy of parenting experts Emma’s Diary and Bepanthen, who thought it might cheer me up. [...]

7 ways to make flying with kids easier

If the words ‘flying’ and ‘kids’ bring you out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone. And I’m not referring to parents. Apparently 70% of us support the idea of child-free areas on planes, and a third of us would happily pay extra to travel [...]

Fun ways to help your child with times tables

They say there’s an app for everything, and it turns out there is. Just two months into year one BB is already about to start learning her times tables (I swear they start doing things earlier and earlier these days) so I’ve been looking into [...]