How do you stop co-sleeping?

How do you stop co-sleeping? Google it and you’ll find pages of advice for newborns up to teens which is all very well, but how do you make it work for you? We have (unwittingly) found ourselves co-sleeping with Little B for almost two years owing [...]

Fun lunchbox ideas for kids

One hundred and ninety five. If you had to produce packed lunches for one child for the whole school year, that’s how many you’d have to make, give or take a few inset days. Times that by two and you’ve got 390. Or 585 if [...]


There was only one image I could choose for #MySundayPhoto this week: BB on her 5th birthday. Here she is in her new Princess Arna outfit (the fact it's made from 100% polyester with a 100% nylon lining and we were in 30 degree heat [...]

Pregnancy no-nos & what to do if you break the ‘rules’

So, the little blue line appears on the testing stick and what you’d suspected ever since buying it is confirmed: you’re pregnant. When I discovered I was expecting baby number three I had absolutely no idea I was pregnant – we weren’t ‘trying’ and as [...]

How to deal with defiant children

Instagram followers will know we’ve recently returned from Spain, where it’s fair to say Little B really tested our patience on the behaviour front (imagine the highest-pitch screeching you can when he doesn't get what he wants, times it by 10 and you're almost there). [...]

WIN one of 5 video cameras & Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons!

Picture the scene: it was an average working weekday - I think it was raining - and I really wasn’t in the mood when an intriguing looking email with the words 'Cadbury', 'Channel Mum' and 'vlog' in the subject line popped into my inbox. Would [...]

How not to lose a child (or two!)

After writing about how not to lose the back to school plot I thought I’d continue the theme with how not to lose a child (or two), which is slightly more important (although only marginally depending on your point of view!) In all seriousness though, [...]

How not to lose the back to school plot

Does taking a ticket in the children's section of a shoe shop only to find the world and his or her screaming brat are in the queue in front of you while the baby swipes at the shelves from the pushchair sound familiar? Or arriving in a back to [...]


Choosing which photo to share for #MySundayPhoto this week was a no-brainer - our first photo of baby number three after I was finally able to reveal our little secret! Admittedly it's not the clearest image in the world (BB thought it was a picture of our [...]

I’m pregnant!

We've been harbouring a little secret in our house: I'm pregnant and baby number three is on the way! It's a relief to finally be able to let the cat out of the bag - due to our history of miscarriage we wanted to wait until we [...]

Hoburne Holidays: an honest review by a knackered mum

Eleven months, 13 days and about four hours. That was the last time we had a holiday, a proper get-away-from-home-for-a-week holiday. After 21 months of breastfeeding Little B at all hours of the day and night while juggling work and a four-year-old, I don't think I've [...]


Last weekend it was our sixth wedding anniversary so we took the kids into London to show them where mummy and daddy got married. BB also wanted to see Buckingham Palace as she's recently watched the BFG at school and knows all about Sophie visiting [...]

An Ode to my nursing bras

After 20 long months I’ve decided it’s time to stop breastfeeding Little B. He’s never slept through the night, and I’ve come to the conclusion he’s not going to until he’s weaned off the boob. Over the last few months I’ve been slowly cutting out [...]

Why my allotment makes me a better mum

Regular readers will know that about 18 months ago we finally got to the top of the allotment waiting list in our area. It was great fun at first, but what was supposed to be a family project where we could spend quality time together [...]


Six years ago today I became Mrs Misery Guts so I thought I'd share one of our wedding photos for #MySundayPhoto this week. We were married on July 17th 2010 in the crypt at St Paul's Cathedral in London (I won't bore you with the [...]