#MySundaySnapshot this week comes courtesy of my super talented cousin Jackie at Pampered Nails by Jackie, who helped the oldest and I get Easter ready by painting our nails this week. Aren't they cute? When we discovered we could have actual bunnies on our nails I'm [...]

Getting Easter ready with Smiggle

Looking for an alternative to chocolate eggs this Easter? Or perhaps you’re after just one more treat for little people ahead of the big day? Either way, Smiggle could be the answer! If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know we’re big fans [...]

5 alternative Easter gifts for wine-loving mums

Forget chocolate. Come Easter Sunday there’s going to be plenty of that when the kids open their eggs (and let’s face it, it’s not like they notice if you break a bit off when they’re not looking). If you’re on the hunt for a gift [...]

Easter basket gift ideas for under £10

Putting together an Easter basket or two - (or three in my case)? Wondering what to put in them without spending too much money? Then I have just the thing! I'm not quite sure when Easter baskets became a thing - we didn't have them [...]


#MySundaySnapshot this week comes from Morocco, where Misery Guts is running the Marathon des Sables, a 150 mile foot race across the Sahara Desert. It turns out there are worse places I could be waiting for him to emerge - and if you're going to [...]

How to make an Easter tree in 5 easy steps

Noticed lots of Insta-perfect and Pinterest-worthy images of Easter trees popping up? Wondering how to go about making one yourself? Then read on! Easter trees are everywhere you look at Easter nowadays - in shop windows, on the pages of glossy magazines and all over [...]

10 survival tips when flying solo with your kids

I don’t mean flying in the literal sense, I mean when your other half is away for more than just a day or two. At the time of writing I’ve been the sole parent in charge of three little people for four days owing to [...]

How to reset your body clock for a restful night’s sleep

So the clocks have gone forward and we’ve sprung into spring. Everyone goes on about what it does to our little people’s body clocks – and it does – but what about us grown-ups? The fact is it’s not just our little darlings the clocks [...]


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. That should be the title of #MySundaySnapshot this week - my three little monkeys doing what they do best: being monkeys. I'm flying solo this week after Misery Guts left for Morocco to take part in [...]

10 tongue-in-cheek ways I’m dealing with my husband’s mid-life crisis

Growing a beard, taking up an extreme sport and suddenly popping vitamin pills. Those are among the top 40 signs a man is having a mid-life crisis if research is to be believed, and Misery Guts ticks all three boxes. It all started three years [...]

Finding me again with a little help from Hotpod Yoga Worthing

Ever wonder who you are? Other than a mum - or dad - I mean? It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, ever since I gave up breastfeeding for what will probably be the last time. I know I’m still a mother first [...]

Is a ban on smacking really necessary?

Hands up who smacks their child? I bet if you were to put 100 parents in a room and ask them that question not many - if any - would raise a hand. It's not currently illegal for a parent to smack their child where [...]


#MySundaySnapshot this week comes from Kingston Lacy, a National Trust property in Dorset near where my parents live. We've visited a lot over the years and have pictures of all three children running on the lawn (not all at the same time though, that would [...]

Prepping for an African Adventure with Simply Beach

It’s known as the exotic country on Europe’s doorstep boasting luxurious retreats, elaborate architecture and breath-taking scenery. Morocco is billed as a dream holiday destination and I’m off there in a couple of weeks - and the truth is I’m absolutely petrified! Next month I’ll [...]

Why I decided to try painting with my boobs

Yes, you did read that correctly: bonkers as it sounds, I am among a growing band of women who have had a go at painting with my boobs. And I don’t mean in the comfort of my own home, either – I mean in a [...]