I make no apologies: #MySundayPhoto this week is another picture of our Valentine's Day baby. It's our second weekend as a family of five and it's fair to say both BB and Little B are loving having a baby sister. They're treating her as they might [...]

The 10 best things about not being pregnant

What you can and can't eat, what you can and can't drink and the general inconvenience of it all. It's fair to say I'm not one of those people who enjoys being pregnant. With the exception of feeling those little kicks and the second trimester [...]

Funny things they don’t tell you about childbirth

Don't panic, this isn't one of those posts featuring horror stories about childbirth. Instead it's a collection of random things I've noticed in the aftermath of the three times I've given birth, most recently following the arrival of our Valentine's Day baby. That said though, while I usually [...]

Why I was right not to write a birth plan

It turns out I was right not to write a birth plan. After considering the pros and cons of writing one, and wanting the 'perfect' birth like last time but fearing writing my hopes down would mean the opposite would happen, I left the page completely blank [...]


What a difference a week makes! Last week #MySundayPhoto was of my enormous baby bump - this week our baby has arrived! Meet Littlest B our Valentine's Day baby, who was born in the early hours of Tuesday morning. BB is delighted to have a baby [...]

Our Valentine’s Day baby!

As Valentine's Day presents go my gift this year has to be the best yet - none other than a Valentine's Day baby! And...it's a girl! I'm so pleased to be able to announce the arrival of our third baby Marigold May in the early hours [...]

How to teach your child to love good food #ad

Chicken fingers, potato waffles and baked beans. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to feeding the kids I rely on the top shelf of our freezer far more than I care to admit. While there’s nothing wrong with chicken fingers, potato waffles [...]

5 flexible jobs for stay-at-home mums

Want (or need) to bring in an income but also want to stay at home with your little one? For many mums there comes a time, after the visitors have gone, the baby is no longer attached to you 24/7 and you’ve settled into some [...]

7 fun ways to treat kids’ colds

Blocked nose, dry lips, sore throat. We’ve all been there, done that and got the t-shirt but coughs and colds always seem infinitely worse in a poorly child who can’t necessarily tell you what’s the matter. We seem to have veered from one bug to another [...]


Last week #MySundayPhoto was what I was hoping would be one of the last pictures of BB and Little B together before they're joined by a sibling. This week #MySundayPhoto is what I'm hoping is one of the last pictures of me pregnant. The due [...]

5 ways to childproof Valentine’s Day

Forget swanky restaurants and weekends away - the chances are since becoming a parent Valentine's Day means a date night in rather than a romantic evening out (yet another thing they fail to tell you about being a parent). Which is easier said than done [...]

10 things they don’t tell you about being overdue

I’ve been overdue with all my babies. The first was 15 days late, the second was three days late and at the time of writing the third is at least a day late. Apparently 80% of babies arrive between two weeks before and two weeks [...]

The trouble with the ‘perfect’ birth

They say no two babies are the same, and no two births are the same either. So far the saying has certainly rung true for us: BB and Little B couldn’t be more different, and nor could the way they entered the world. The trouble [...]


With baby number three due any day now this probably one of the last pictures of BB and Little B before they're joined by a sibling. They were playing on an app on Misery Guts's phone which is slightly out of shot, and playing together beautifully. When [...]

10 superpowers all parents develop in the first year

They say parenthood is the steepest learning curve there is. If I think back to my pre-baby days and compare them to life post-babies, I’d have to agree. There are just so many things they don’t tell you, things you learn on the job and suddenly [...]