AIBU to HATE the term AIBU?

There’s something that’s really been getting my goat lately. Well, there are lots of things, but this thing in particular is really making me steam: the use of the acronym AIBU. (If you don’t know what that means, lucky you – it stands for ‘am I being [...]

Class birthday parties have a lot to answer for

It was only a matter of time. Three quarters of the way through BB’s first year at school and there’s been a birthday party she wasn’t invited to. It’s not that the whole class had been invited except her – around a third of the [...]

Family days out in East Sussex: Drusillas Zoo & Park

It’s been two years (two years!) since we were last asked to review Drusillas Zoo & Park near Alfriston so the nice people there asked if – now that we’re a family of four - we’d like to come back again and see what the park has to offer. [...]


This week #MySundayPhoto is a shot of Little B I took on our allotment last week. He's recently learnt how to smell things (at least, I think he can smell - he may just be going through the motions!) and he especially loves 'smelling' flowers. I [...]

Stay-at-home date night ideas

When was the last time you had a date night? If you can’t remember, the chances are it’s high time you had one. On average I’d say we get a night out on our own a handful of times a year. We haven’t used a [...]

Why there should be a 10th month of pregnancy

I’ve come to the conclusion that there should, in fact, be a 10th month of pregnancy. I’m not going barmy - I do realise that nine months is quite enough thank you very much – but what I mean is that the pregnancy ‘journey’ should [...]

10 things they don’t tell you about extended breastfeeding

Everyone tells you there’s a big difference between breastfeeding a newborn and breastfeeding a toddler. But what they fail to tell you is the minutiae of what that difference actually is. Little B is 18 months old now and still fed on demand, so it [...]


When it comes to cakes, it's fair to say my mother-in-law knows how to make them. This is the creation she produced for my sister-in-law's 40th birthday this weekend: a quadruple-deck chocolate concoction oozing chocolate icing and jam. With a glass of champers it was [...]

An Ode to CBeebies

Parents of the land rejoice – it looks like CBeebies is safe! For now, anyway. In case you’ve been on another planet (I often feel like I am) CBeebies was under scrutiny as part of the BBC charter renewal, and when it looked like money [...]

Is ‘me-ternity’ leave a good idea?

Have you heard the one about the woman who reckons women who don’t have children should be entitled to ‘me-ternity’ leave in order to have the equivalent time 'off' work as their child-bearing colleagues? I’m loath to give her too much air time, but basically [...]

Is it possible to politely refer to a foo foo?

Yes, I am talking about front bottoms – as we also call them in our house. BB came home from school one day last week and declared, in all seriousness, that the correct name for her foo foo isn’t in fact, front bottom, it’s ‘vageeena’. [...]


Our local park includes a paddling pool which is filled from May to September and is the place to go if you're under five in our neck of the woods (it's best not to think about what's in it). Last year Little B was still [...]

10 signs a baby is a blogger’s child

It occurred to me, when a parcel arrived containing something for me and not for BB and she crossed her arms and stamped her foot, that there are traits peculiar to a blogger’s child which make them stand out from other children. I often hear [...]

How I doubled my Twitter following in 16 weeks

On January 1st this year I had 1,000 Twitter followers. On May 1st I crossed the 2,000 follower mark, meaning I’ve doubled my Twitter following in the space of four months, or 16 weeks. If you’re one of those people with thousands of followers the [...]

5 things you only know after 5 years of marriage

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary at the weekend. The papers have been full of coverage, and I was heartened to notice that despite having only been married for five years, and in spite of leading charmed lives owing to [...]