‘I’m scared for me & I’m scared for the kids’

‘I’m scared for me & I’m scared for the kids’. I'm referring, of course, to the terror attack in Manchester this week. I was tucked up in bed with Littlest B when I heard the news - it was first thing in the morning and we’d just [...]

Water fun with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®! #ad

If there’s one thing that marks the start of summer in our house it’s the filling of our public paddling pool. Open from May to September it’s where everyone gravitates to as soon as the sun comes out, and where the kids beg to go every [...]

5 bad things about living by the sea!

Regular readers will know we live by the sea. When I say by the sea, I mean right by the sea. The only buildings between us and the water are beach huts. People always tell me how lucky we are – and I know we [...]


I'm so glad the sun has finally come out. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about 5 reasons parenting is easier in summer, and it's so true. This week we've been enjoying the seafront (so no making mess at home), creating a wildlife garden [...]

A letter to my pregnant friend

Advice. The one thing that’s not in short supply when you’re pregnant is advice. You get it from friends, you get it from family, you get it from neighbours and you get it from total strangers - whether you like it or not. Indeed pregnancy [...]

5 ways to feel instantly better

The Lost Sleep Of Motherhood is starting to catch up with me - again. It's now three months since Littlest B graced us with her presence which means it's been a good four months since I had a decent night's sleep. The trouble with baby [...]

‘I waited on the examination table for five hours’

Food, water, pain relief and a nice hot bath or shower. I don’t know about you but in the aftermath of giving birth that’s all I really wanted - or needed. Those four little things aren't much to ask when you think about it, but [...]


Welcome to a house fit for a hedgehog! Regular readers will know we're in the process of creating a wildlife garden on our allotment as part of Homebase's #GardenGoals challenge, and here's a sneak peek! The garden itself isn't quite finished yet but the hedgehog [...]

You’re invited to my Big Breastfeeding Café!

Bear with me, it’s not as bonkers as it sounds! On Tuesday 16th May breastfeeding experts Medela are bringing mums (and dads) across the UK together to chat all things breastfeeding over tea and cake with #TheBigBreastfeedingCafe. It’s the second year running for the initiative which [...]

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

Burgers, pizza and chips. Those tend to be the go-to types of restaurants we look for when out and about with the kids, mainly because they’re easy, cheap and you’ll know they’ll eat it. But have you ever considered something a little different? We were [...]

‘Why I became an egg donor’

Egg donation. You often read stories about women whose dreams of motherhood have finally been realised thanks to donor eggs, but what you don't tend to read is stories about women who donated those eggs, and why. Today I'm bringing you a guest post from one [...]

How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

The trouble with keeping lots of plates spinning all at the same time (a parenting superpower) is it’s only a matter of time before one of them falls off. For us that plate is our allotment, which has been so neglected since the arrival of baby [...]

10 reasons blogging IS a proper job

‘Get a proper job’. That’s what one reader told me in response to a post I wrote about whether bloggers are exploiting their children. Blogging isn’t my sole source of income but it does account for an increasing chunk of my earnings, and I certainly [...]


I took Littlest B's new baby cards down this week. It's been almost three months since she was born on Valentine's Day and there's no getting away from the fact she isn't a newborn anymore. She's a big bouncing baby with a huge smile and [...]

10 weird ways pregnancy changes your body

It’s no secret – or surprise – that pregnancy changes your body. After growing a human being and either pushing it out of your foo-foo or having it surgically removed from the top it would be strange if it didn’t change in some way. But [...]