WIN a SOLD OUT Fifi Lapin dress from Mamas and Papas!

I’ve got something very special hidden away in my wardrobe: none other than a Fifi Lapin dress from Mamas and Papas which (at the time of writing) is currently sold out online! If you haven’t heard of Fifi Lapin, she’s a rabbit with a blog [...]


This photo just had to be #MySundayPhoto this week. Last weekend we stayed with friends who have a hot tub in their garden, and needless to say the kids couldn't wait to get in. While our friends' kids jumped and splashed BB just relaxed at [...]

How to take a blogging break

Anyone who blogs will tell you it’s all-consuming. What started out as a little hobby on the side to be indulged in in your free time quickly escalates to become a finely-oiled machine requiring maintenance every day of the week, taking up more time than [...]

Do modern day mums REALLY have it easier?

After a particularly bad day on the front line of parenting one of my friends recently let rip about her woes on Facebook. As well as messages of support and sympathy from other knackered mothers, she also got a response from her own mum who [...]

5 reasons why every family should have a dog

For as long as I can remember I've wanted a dog (and a rabbit, since we're on the subject of pets). I wasn't fussy and didn't have a particular breed in mind - just something I could put a lead on and take for a [...]


There's been a milestone moment in our house this week. When shopping for a Father's Day present for Misery Guts we came across this mug, which reads 'My dad is grumpy but great'. BB asked what it said, paused for a moment, then properly laughed [...]

Wheelchair vs buggy: the big bus debate

Should wheelchairs have priority over pushchairs on buses? I ask because a man is taking his case to the Supreme Court after he sued a bus company when he wasn’t allowed to board a bus because a mum with a buggy refused to move. Appeal [...]

5 breastfeeding-friendly summer outfits

After a couple of wedding-free summers we’ve got a wedding next month. It's in a tepee on a lavender farm, which begs the question what to wear, and of course all of the suitable dresses I already own aren’t breastfeeding friendly. (What a shame, I’m going [...]

Quirky ways to announce you’re expecting

There’s nothing like a good pregnancy announcement to brighten up a day. I don’t know about you, but I love opening up my Facebook or Instagram feed to find a quirky announcement from one of my friends or acquaintances. According to new research from George [...]


Instead of a bunch of flowers for Mother's Day this year BB and Little B bought me a David Austin shrub rose, which I planted on our allotment. It's called Munstead Wood and this week it bloomed for the first time - great big blousy [...]

What’s the perfect gift for a new mum?

Regular readers will know from my last post about how to stay sane in the first six months of motherhood that I have two friends who are expecting babies this month. Which begs the question: what’s the perfect gift for a new mum? I’ve always [...]

How to survive the first six months of motherhood

‘One more week of freedom’ and ‘another few weeks before all hell breaks loose’. Those are the words of two of my friends who are expecting their second babies this month. The thing about second babies is that you know what’s coming, unlike the first time [...]

10 of the best baby firsts

I recently wrote a post about 10 of the best breakthrough parenting moments, featuring all the things that are real breakthroughs at the time, like being able to leave the house without everything but the kitchen sink and putting away the highchair you’ve come to [...]


There was much excitement in our house this week when Little B and I were featured in The Sun newspaper as part of a feature about co-sleeping. We had a photoshoot at home in bed and the lovely photographer Darren Cool very kindly sent me [...]

Things I miss about being just me

I know, I know. A baby is the best thing that will ever happen to you. The little part of you you didn’t know was missing. But sometimes, just sometimes, I miss the days before I became a mum, when I came home from work [...]