5 easy ways to make handwriting fun

Ink cartridges, fountain pens and blotting paper. They may sound like something out of the dark ages, but that's what I used when I learnt to write. And it really wasn't that long ago. Honest. I used to love the whole routine of it: putting [...]


So we've survived the first week of our two week half term. Largely due to the timely arrival of this little toy - a My First Scalextric set, which we were sent to review. Both BB and Little B have literally spent hours playing with [...]

5 easy ways to revamp a room

When was the last time you revamped a room? We moved into our flat in 2012 and five years and three babies later it’s fair to say certain things are starting to look a little tired. A bit like me. Holes are starting to appear [...]

WIN a My First Scalextric set worth £39.99!

Scalextric. Of toys that transcend the generations, Scalextric has to be up there with the likes of the Fisher-Price pull-along telephone, Barbie and LEGO. I vividly recall licking the metal brushes on the bottom of my brother’s Scalextric cars to keep the strands of metal [...]

What does it mean to protect like a mother?

What does it mean to protect like a mother? That’s the question I was asked when I appeared in the latest phase of antibacterial brand Dettol’s Protect Like A Mother advertising campaign, a video in collaboration with Mumsnet. Littlest B and I went to Mumsnet [...]


If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve been charting Littlest B’s baby milestones with some gorgeous baby milestone cards (from Eleanor Mary Designs in case you’re looking for some!) #MySundayPhoto this week is one of the out-takes from our latest sitting, taken [...]

What to say to someone who’s miscarried

‘It was meant to be' and ‘don’t worry, you can try again soon’. Those are just some of the supposed words of comfort I received from well-meaning nurses when I suffered one miscarriage - and then another. A new study by parenting website Channel Mum [...]

10 push present ideas for new mums

Push presents. The chances are you either know exactly what I’m talking about or you’ve got absolutely no idea. A push present, for those who are wondering, is a gift a partner buys their other half after the birth of a child, for, well, pushing. [...]

10 easy ways to ease back pain in pregnancy

Back pain. Yet another thing I’ve found they don’t warn you about pregnancy is the back pain, from little achy niggles to yelp out loud spasms. According to Deep Freeze as many as 98% of expectant mums experience muscular back pain at some point in [...]


Can you spot the teeth? It's been six weeks since Littlest B's first tooth appeared and it wasn't long before it was followed by another. They might look cute but they're razor sharp and can do some serious damage - I've got the scars to [...]

Why all mums deserve a break, by Marina Fogle

Two hours. That’s how much uninterrupted sleep I managed to get the night before I was due to interview Marina Fogle, the bright-eyed, bouncy-haired wife of TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle about her latest venture, a babysitting app. Mum to two adorable kids – [...]

Have you heard the one about the two-week half term?

Have you heard the one about the two-week half term? It might sound like a cruel joke designed to bring working parents of the land out in a cold sweat and reaching for the vino but it’s actually happening. In our neck of the woods [...]

10 more signs you’re turning into your mother

Sighing involuntarily, tucking tissues up your sleeves and cutting coupons out of magazines. After realising I was doing all of the above without even thinking about it I wrote 10 signs you’re turning into your mother, and I’m afraid to report the situation is getting [...]


Can you spot the daddy long legs in #MySundayPhoto this week? I've been busy getting our allotment ready for winter and this little fellow popped up to say hello during a major pruning of our Homebase wildlife garden (I think I may have spoiled his [...]

5 reasons to visit Drusillas Park at Halloween

I love a good day out. We’re lucky enough to have Drusillas Park in East Sussex on our doorstep - if you haven’t been Drusillas is an award-winning zoo between Brighton and Eastbourne where you’ll find animals, rides and lots more. We’ve had lots of [...]